Kick Back While Surfing the Web
Couch Surfing allows you to surf the Web while sitting in your favorite couch or lying in bed without using a keyboard. If you have a laptop and a wireless modem, try surfing the Web while getting your hair styled! We provide the necessary software that allows you to enter URLs (Internet addresses) by clicking on the screen. To maximize the benefit of our service, you should get a pointing device that doesn't require a table. If you have a video-out port on your computer or laptop, you can even hook-up to your big screen TV!
How to Use
First, your screen resolution should be set to at least 800x600 (1024x768 or higher is recommended). To use Couch Surfing, just put your cursor in the URL input box right after "http://" and then use the associated soft keyboard to complete the URL. Some commonly-used shortcuts are provided. Click "Go" next to the input box after you entered the URL. To search by keywords, place your cursor in the Search input box and use the associated soft keyboard to enter the keywords. Then click "Go" to search. Don't feel like doing much work? Click on the "random" link.
At this time, our software cannot tolerate mistakes. To correct your entry, simply click "Clr" and start over... sorry. Also, Couch Surfing cannot be used to fill out online forms. If you absolutely have to fill out a form, use the row of characters below. Just highlight a character and use right click (in Microsoft Windows) to copy and paste one at a time.
In order for the software to function properly, your browser must support JavaScript. If supported, make sure the JavaScript function is enabled. Also, your browser must be able to handle "frames". Some sites you visit might override Couch Surfing's window. To avoid having to type in our URL when that happens, we suggest you set as your browser's start page so you can use the "Home" button to reach Couch Surfing.